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"My work is so close to my heart.  I witnessed first hand the amazing transformations during both my mother and my daughter's journeys through cancer and beyond. "

"Let food be thy medicine"


     Dr.Kate James says:

"Protecting your immune system from the non specific/whole body effects of most types of chemotherapy we use here in the UK gives an enormous benefit.

I have witnessed this first hand with my daughter Grace. Shortly after she was diagnosed with Leukaemia (aged 13 months) we were told by her Oncolgists to expect her in hospital about once a month with a neutropenic infection.

During her two and a half years of chemotherapy she was only admitted on just three occasions in over thirty months, and never once after she started having chlorophyll rich green juice added to her programme."


About Integrative Medicine

with Dr Kate James MBBS

“ The conventional treatment the NHS offers in this country is excellent. My professional and personal experiences made me realise how patients need to be given informed choices about the wider options available to support their treatment. Dr. Kate James “

Please just take a moment to reflect on exactly how you have been feeling.

Maybe you are finding it difficult to manage the far reaching side effects of your treatment.

Maybe you find yourself feeling constantly run down and unwell, perhaps getting one infection after another.

Perhaps you are troubled by unanswered questions ,queries or symptoms relating to your health condition. Whilst it is always key to discuss these with your conventional Oncology/ Medical team/ General Practitioner sometimes an integrative, complementary medical approach can offer alternative perspectives, possibilities and solutions.

Maybe you are aware that there is so much out there that you could do for yourself in addition to your conventional medical treatment. However at the same time you are confused, desperately wanting to make an informed choice but simply overwhelmed by so much information.

Perhaps you have a vision of where you'd like to be but just don't quite know how to get there.

Maybe you feel you've done everything right but your cancer has come back and you just can't face going through it all again. You know you need to do things differently this time.

My natural supportive approach could offer help.

"Thanks for all your inspirational work."
Susan Davidson, Regional Development Director CANCERactive, registered UK based cancer charity.

“ We can't solve a problem with the same mindset that created it .“
Albert Einstein

By incorporating tools and techniques to support shock, stress, anxiety and fear whilst simultaneously encouraging gentle dietary detoxification and cleansing alongside building and nourishing dietary elements an individuals experience of cancer and other illness can be very different.

" Just as we don't need to tell a cut how to heal or our heart how to beat or our
lungs how to breathe when we nourish and support the body with the very
best raw materials it knows exactly what to do. " Dr. Kate James

You might like to visit the Kind Words header to share some of my patient's experiences of a holistic programme.

Holistic Cancer Care in Perspective

There are many excellent clinics around the world including the Hippocrates Institute in Florida USA, Thomas Lodi's Oasis of Healing in Arizona, The Gerson Institute in Mexico, and many more based in Austria, Germany, and other parts of Europe that use specialised natural dietary therapy alone or as a significant element in the context of a holistic based programme to successfully treat cancer. For certain patients some of these clinics use smaller doses of chemotherapy, typically between 5 and 10% of that used conventionally but the focus of their treatment remains a holistic programme based around dietary therapy.

These inspirational clinics typically charge thousands of euros per treatment cycle, making them available only to some. Further, they require people to spend weeks away from their family and friends, usually an invaluable part of their support systems.

If they do participate in a programme some people find it hard to stick to the rigorous nutritional therapy, for example a diet consisting of largely or entirely raw food and juices when they move back to their own surroundings. A further difficulty can be returning to a different climate where as they listen to their bodies some how lots of raw food doesn't feel right, as the rain lashes down outside and the temperature becomes cooler. Energetically what is right in one climate doesn't feel right in a different one.

Aware of these challenges first hand I pioneered my own evidence based, affordable programme incorporating some of the best of what is on offer at these clinics but in a way that is relevant and practical for patients in the UK.

“ A wise man should consider that his health is the greatest of human blessings,
and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illness.”

Why choose my Individualised Holistic Based Programme ?

Most importantly my approach works to support the mainstay of cancer treatment available in the NHS.

Further my programme is gentle, allowing for gradual cleansing and detoxification, whilst rebuilding, strengthening, rebalancing and protecting the body. The balance between the two elements is vital for success.

It works to empower you and your families with a number of tools,techniques and methods to support and focus you. What you do can make a difference.

It aims to support your immune system. The human body may naturally manage and destroy cancer cells every day through normal physiological functioning. During and after any form of cancer treatment it is key to maximise the health and functioning of the bodies own natural defence system.

" For healing purposes the body must be detoxified- activated with ionised minerals, natural food so that the essential organs can function again. "
Dr. Max Gerson, A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and The Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy.

" Shortly after my daughter Grace was diagnosed with Leukaemia aged 13 months we were told by her Oncologists to expect her in hospital about once a month with a neutropenic infection, (an infection precipitated by a low level of immune cells called neutrophils, our bodies first line of defence against any type of infection). During her two and half years of chemotherapy she was only admitted on three occasions, three times over thirty months, and never once after she began a specialised dietary based programme . We also noticed that she only required a blood transfusion on a couple of occasions as opposed to more regularly which can be more typical for patients being treated for leukaemia with regimen C therapy, ( the highest dose regime for ALL) . In fact her consultant said he had only ever observed one other child able to manage such a high dose of the chemotherapy agents used. Grace was always a strong and resilient little girl but I have no doubt specialised dietary therapy supported her treatment." Dr. Kate James.

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